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Feeling Dirty? Clean Up Your Act With Our High Pressure Cleaning Service

High traffic areas and ageing surfaces will naturally attract grime, stains and mould. But a high pressure clean can revive tired surfaces by washing away oil, mildew, graffiti and more. In this blog, we dish the dirt on high pressure cleaning and how it can clean up your place, inside and out.

What Is It?

This process involves a high pressure washer being used to clean down particular surfaces. Water is pressurised within the washer via a series of water pumps, powered by the pressure cleaner’s engine. This results in a strong jet of water being propelled from the high pressure cleaner — which is far more effective and targeted than a regular garden hose. 

What Does It Clean?

This solution can quickly wash away mildew, mould, tree sap, stubborn dirt, grime, oil and more. High pressure cleaning can also be an effective tool in graffiti removal. Our team can treat some of the new graffiti paints with a special chemical, which helps lift the paint off the damaged surface. 

What Surfaces Are Suitable For High Pressure Cleaning?

Many surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, can be improved with a high pressure clean. We regularly clean surfaces including timber decking, concrete, tiles, pavers and the exteriors of homes and buildings. 

As long as the cleaning is professionally done, there are limitless areas you can target with a high pressure clean. 

Some suitable areas may include:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Exterior bricks or cladding
  • Tennis courts
  • Decks
  • BBQ areas
  • Pool areas
  • Stairways
  • Eaves
  • Windows
  • Screens

and more

Are There Any Potential Problems Associated With High Pressure Cleaning?

In the wrong hands, a high pressure cleaner can be too abrasive for some surfaces. There is also the potential for users and onlookers to be hurt during the cleaning process. 

A professional will know how to handle the washer properly and will be able to gain maximum effectiveness. They will also ensure that extreme caution is taken during the cleaning process. 

High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

If you have stubborn marks around your property, high pressure cleaning may be the best solution. You’d be surprised how different a property can look after a professional high pressure clean! Why not connect with Mr Scott online or call 0459 153 085 to secure your next service?

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