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Having The Family Over For Xmas? Our Gold Coast Handyman Services Will Get Your Home Ready For The Silly Season

It’s easy to overlook home maintenance issues around your home when you’re caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle. But when it’s time to entertain (or you’re on summer holidays), it’s those little maintenance jobs that will give you a big headache. Our Gold Coast Handyman Services have been helping homeowners improve their properties since 2015. From painting your front door to installing a new fence, here’s some simple ideas to get your home in the holiday spirit.

Is Your Front Door More ‘Halloween’ Than ‘Holiday’?

If your front door is more frightening than festive, it may be a good idea to invest in some simple summer maintenance. Your front door is a key element to your facade and can really make or break your curb appeal. If you haven’t given much thought to your front door (until you’re about to hang a Christmas wreath on it), why not invest in some home maintenance that will have a big impact like a bold new colour, new on-trend door hardware or even a brand new door?

And why stop there? Add some new tiles to your porch, revamp a tired front veranda or opt for a custom built portico. There’s endless ways to turn a lacklustre front door into an inviting, dramatic space.

How Is Your Fence Holding Up?

A neglected fence is one of the most obvious (and overlooked) home maintenance jobs. Fences that need repairs or a complete replacement can really bring down the tone of your property. Our team specialise in the installation new fencing with options including timber, Colorbond, wire and glass pool fencing. We can also repair your existing fence so you can enjoy greater safety and privacy.

Say Goodbye To Your 90s Colour Scheme

If you’re ready to ditch those boring 90s beige tones in favour of rich terracotta shades, soothing teals, deep blues or cool greys, then connect with us for a painting quote. We can revamp your indoors and outdoors with our 2-coat paint systems and breathe new life into your home in time for Christmas.

Tired Of Your Tiles?

Have you been hiding those chipped or outdated tiles from prying eyes? Don’t worry — we can fix that, too! Mr Scott offers a full range of tiling solutions for projects up to $3,300. Whether you need tile repairs, re-grouting or a whole new look, our skilled tilers will add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen, bathroom, living areas and more.

Our handyman solutions and general home maintenance services can spruce up your place for the holiday season. Connect with Scott today on 0459 153 085 to find out more about our Gold Coast handyman services.

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